Foam Roller: the best models for training at home

", the foam roller is a simple and economical but at the same time very useful accessory for home fitness.

It is in fact a simple cylindrical support, covered with soft foam, through which it is possible to carry out a deep self-massage of the tissues on different parts of the body.

The benefits are many: the foam roller is in fact indicated both for sports rehabilitation and therefore to accelerate recovery after an intense training session, and to prevent injuries as it helps to dissolve muscle tension.

However, this type of tool is also useful in terms of general well-being: practicing self-massage with a good foam roller, in fact, allows you to relieve back pain but also to improve blood circulation and even reduce cellulite. helping the drainage of liquids.

Using it is in principle very simple, however to make the most of its benefits it may be useful to rely on one of the many tutorials available on the net.

On the market there are different models of foam roller: according to the materials used they can be very hard or softer; not only that, the dimensions and the presence of more or less large and rigid reliefs often vary. In fact, some types also have proprioceptive buttons, or "trigger points", designed to best stimulate critical areas, such as the cervical area.

To better orient yourself in the choice, we have selected 5 foam rollers among the most sold and appreciated on Amazon. Here they are!

or yoga but it is also very useful for training and massaging different parts of the body. Used for example on various critical points, such as the abdomen, legs or back, it promotes the vascularization of the muscles, helps to dissolve the contractions and activates the deep tissues, thus improving mobility. The Bodymate foam roller is also very easy to use because it includes a practical e-book with illustrated explanations of the exercises. The model is also available in numerous color variations.

BODYMATE Foam Roller Standard Medium-Hard Length 45 cm Diameter 15 cm with Free ebook - Various Colors from

€ 16.65 See the offer activating the circulation and stimulating it in a targeted way. This model is in fact recommended for sportsmen because it can be used during the stretching phase, to improve the elasticity of the muscles, and after training to relax and decontract the muscle groups. Made of sturdy foam, it does not deform and has a length that allows the treatment of the legs as well as the back in a specific way. Available in six different colors, it includes an ebook that allows free access to 10 video lessons.

Foam Roller - Non-deformable Massager Roller for Trigger Point Therapy - Muscle Self-Massage with Myofascial Release - 33 X 14 cm - Ideal for Crossfit, Stretching, Yoga, Pilates, Physiotherapy from

€ 16.99 See the offer : by using both rollers it is thus possible to better relieve muscle pain and relieve tension. Inside the set, made of resistant PVC, there are also two different massage balls and a practical bag to keep everything together.

2 in 1 Foam Roller Set 4 Pieces for Muscle Massage Deep Tissues FitBeast Massaging Foam Rollers for Sore Tense Muscles, Soft Rollers for Rehabilitation Two Massage Balls from

€ 19.99 See the offer . Among its advantages, the patented design with raised dots which makes it the first foam roller to feature a multi-density exterior built on a hollow core. Made with quality materials that won't break or lose shape after repeated use, this model includes access to online instructional videos for best use and is available in three different colors.

TriggerPoint Grid, Unisex Foam Roller - Adult, Orange (Orange), One size (14 x 33 cm) from

€ 34.90 See the offer , an excellent tool can also be the Pleasion set. The kit, which can also be an excellent gift idea for athletes, includes high-density foam rollers, massage sticks, massage balls and even useful bands for practicing resistance exercises. The 12.9-inch foam roller is made with durable and quality materials in high density PVC and EVA, while the embossed parts effectively stimulate the critical points, reactivating circulation and relieving tension.

4-in-1 Foam Roller Kit, Foam Roller, Massage Roller, Fitness Bungee Bands [Set of 3], Fitness Ball with Carry Bag, Gym Equipment for Yoga, Stretching, Muscle Massage from

€ 22.99 See the offer

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