for the detection of cervical cancer.

It is performed to investigate the cases of patients with Pap smear with an abnormal outcome. Therefore, if the Pap smear is the first level diagnostic test for the early identification of cervical cancer, colposcopy is the test second level diagnostic for the early recognition of the same malignant tumor.
Through the use of a particular instrument, similar to binoculars and called colposcope, colposcopy investigates the tissue anatomy of the female genitals, in particular the uterine cervix.

During the examination, the doctor looks for any pre-neoplastic lesions, thanks to optical magnification and the aid of specific solutions, such as acetic acid and / or Lugol's liquid.
In case of need, colposcopy also allows you to carry out a small and targeted collection of tissue samples, to be subjected to a histological examination (i.e. a microscopic laboratory evaluation aimed at studying the cell and searching for any abnormal cells).
If the suspicions of a possible cervical cancer are well founded, the next step to colposcopy is to plan the most appropriate treatment.
Examination with a low risk of adverse effects, colposcopy requires a specific preparation, which in any case is easy to adhere to.

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