How to do the side bench in Yoga - Vasisthasana

Vasisthasana, the table works sideways, is an even more activating variant of the classic table position. The name derives from the Sanskrit "Vasistha" which means "the" excellent "and is sometimes also called" the position of the wise ", to express the contentment, pride and sense of joy that the practice of yoga brings into the life of all. days. In this short video we pass from the classic plank position to the lateral opening variants. Try to practice it and you will feel how this asana is very complete because it leads to the activation of the abdominal, back, arms, shoulders and legs muscles.

it requires: strength and balance. By practicing Vasisthasana, we strengthen the body by strengthening the muscles of the arms and shoulders and toning those of the back. It also works decisively on the abdominal and leg muscles, on the psoas and on the paravertebral muscles. It is a position that stresses the wrists a lot, so it is necessary to warm up these joints well before practicing it but, once inserted into our daily routine, our wrists will be stronger.

The power work that is required of the body in the "execution" of the asana prepares it to perform more advanced postures, for which strength and endurance are required. Furthermore, the ability to keep the body aligned, first on one side and then on the other, increases the sense of balance, the ability to concentrate and to remain centered on the mat as in everyday life, also strengthening courage and self-esteem.

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