Yoga to Deflate the Belly

Holidays are a great time to improve our fitness. Sometimes, the relaxed atmosphere to which we abandon ourselves inevitably leads our body to become lazy and it happens to feel out of harmony with ourselves, just when we would like to be in top shape.

If the stomach and abdomen need to feel more toned, we propose this sequence with a series of dynamic exercises to be performed every morning that work on the tone of our torso. This routine not only activates the belly and abdomen but also strengthens the waist and hips. The focus of the practice is placed at the center of our body, the area around the navel, seat of Manipura the chakra, which works on willpower and stimulates the inner fire: even the internal organs will benefit greatly.

opposite forward. This apparently simple asana because it is static, actually activates all the abdominal muscles and requires good control of the pelvic floor to maintain balance and stability.

The second exercise is the dynamic variant of the asana, closing and opening, bringing the elbow towards the knee and stimulating the abdominal muscles even more. The body is now warm to enter the dynamic variant of Parighasana, the position of the gate, which opens the abdomen and hips completely, pushing them into the side openings.

After working on both sides, we enter the position of Warrior 2, Virabhadrasana 2 and open the body laterally to the left and right, in the variant of the inverted warrior. At this point the abdominal muscles will be ready to detach the arms, let's flex them laterally with the torso, keeping them parallel to the floor. We try to stay for five long and deep breaths in this position: it is a challenge that will reward us with a marble abdomen! The sequence ends by entering Utthita Trikonasana, the classic position of the extended triangle, with one arm reaching upward. The arm that descends along the leg rests the hand on the shin, ankle or back of the foot.

Remember that a toned tummy is the focus of the sequence! We conclude by intensifying the practice, stretching the arms at the side parallel to the ground, also going to strengthen the muscles of the waist and hips.

If you did not struggle, repeat the practice at least three times, remember to always breathe deeply: breath is your best ally on the mat

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