Male Urethra: What is it? Anatomy, Function and Pathologies

masculine is the urethra of man.


Remarkably different from the female urethra, the male urethra is a musculomembranous canal, usually 20 centimeters long, which originates from the bladder, passes through the prostate and, after having traversed the entire penis internally, ends at the tip of the glans, opening with the urinary meatus.
The male urethra is the anatomical duct that guarantees the emptying of the bladder, with the help of the internal urethral sphincter and external urethral sphincter muscles, and the expulsion of the sperm, with the support of the bulbospongiosus and pubococcygeus muscles.
The male urethra can be the victim of various medical conditions, including hypospadias, epispadias, urethral strictures, urethritis and iatrogenic urethral lesions.

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