Love your underwear: a free check-up at the gynecologist thanks to Chilly and Intima Roberts

"Love your underwear" is the new project launched by Manetti & Roberts, market leader with its products for intimate hygiene, which aims to raise awareness and promote the importance of the prevention of gynecological diseases and the treatment of the genital and which is accompanied by an educational project validated by the "Association of Italian University Gynecologists (AGUI).

The initiative invites women of all ages, from puberty to menopause, to take care of themselves at a gynecological level, starting with their own intimate hygiene, and starting a path of gynecological prevention that lasts over time.

Professor Nicola Colacurci - AGUI President, head of the infertility center and director of the Second University of Naples (SUN) - tells us that "There are still too many women who know little about their body and have difficulty in contacting the gynecologist: just think that only half of them undergo periodic checks, a percentage that drops to 43% for those under 35. Between the ages of 15 and 35, one in five women has never been to a gynecologist. One in four women has never had a smear tests and a quarter of women go to the specialist only if they have problems ".

From these data it is clear the importance of correct information and education in prevention, which must be associated with periodic prevention through an open and continuous dialogue with the gynecologist.

At the basis of proper intimate hygiene - essential to prevent vaginal infections - there is undoubtedly the choice of the right intimate cleanser. Manetti & Roberts, backed by consolidated experience, offers detergents designed to meet the needs of each woman: Chilly Gel, an intimate cleanser that offers extreme freshness; Chilly Pharma, the new line of intimate cleansers with Prebiotic Complex which, by gently cleansing, nourishes the bacterial flora and helps protect the natural barrier to combat intimate discomfort; Intima Roberts, with extracts of 100% natural origin, an extra sweet formulation, suitable for all women, even for girls.

Always close to women and their needs, Manetti & Roberts has therefore decided to be even closer to consumers by activating an educational campaign on the correct prevention of gynecological diseases in association with concrete support. In fact, in the months of August, September and October until the first days of November 2019, against a purchase of 10 euros of Chilly, Chilly Pharma and Intima Roberts intimate hygiene products, all women who register on the dedicated website will have the chance to win a free check-up at the gynecologist.

How to participate?

Taking part in this initiative is simple: from 21 August to 3 November, with a purchase - at any Italian point of sale - of at least 10 euros (even with multiple receipts) of Chilly, Chilly Pharma and Intima Roberts products, and after registering on www., you will have the opportunity to win one of the 1000 gynecological examinations up for grabs, to be carried out from 5 November to 5 December 2019 at one of the affiliated centers throughout the national territory.

In case of failure to win, it will be possible to carry out a telephone or chat consultation with a gynecologist, not only for consumers, but for all women. Furthermore, by registering on the pages (in case of purchase) and (in all other cases), you will have the opportunity to receive newsletters with periodic prevention pills.

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