Thyroid nodules

, having a more often benign than malignant nature.
Extremely variable in size, thyroid nodules can present themselves in different ways: they can be single or multiple protuberances; they can reside on the surface of the thyroid or in the deeper layers of the latter; they can be symptomatic or asymptomatic; they can stimulate or depress the hormonal activity of the thyroid; etc.
The precise pathophysiological mechanism that determines the formation of thyroid nodules is unknown; however, it is a fact that there is a link between these abnormal bumps and the presence of certain conditions, such as: dietary iodine deficiency, thyroid adenoma, thyroiditis, thyroid cysts, goiter and cancer to the thyroid.
Identification of thyroid nodules and precise identification of their nature requires: physical examination, medical history, blood test, thyroid ultrasound, thyroid scintigraphy and, sometimes, thyroid needle biopsy.
Treatment of thyroid nodules depends on their nature.

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