Importance of pre-birth courses

A good birth accompaniment course - whether public or private - should never neglect these complex and articulated aspects. He should never consider his work completed with the simple completion of the birth. There is in fact a second, enormous, half of the work still to be done. Maybe at home, with services offered at the mother's home as is the case in other parts of Europe.

We could go on for a long time on all the aspects that distinguish the various pre-birth courses available today. But for now we will limit ourselves to underlining two other elements that we believe are fundamental. In other words, the space left to fathers and the possibility of following individual and couple preparation courses for childbirth in addition to and beyond the classic group courses.

The presence, the active participation, of fathers in these courses is of enormous importance. For men this is often the only opportunity to gather correct and necessary information on pregnancy, affectivity, sexuality, prevention, sometimes even on their partner and their relationship. Childbirth preparation courses are a unique opportunity to prepare for a more complete and responsible parenting. They represent the best tool to learn to be of real help to your sweetheart and to yourself, avoiding misunderstandings, misunderstandings and tensions that otherwise in this phase often risk exploding.

Another interesting proposal is that of individual or couple courses, as an alternative or as an integration of the more traditional group courses. Organizational and cost reasons often justify the prevalence of the latter, especially in public structures. There is no doubt between the other than the active comparison and direct mutual support between pregnant women can play an important role during their journey towards motherhood.

It is equally true, however, that not all women and pregnancies are the same. Both from a strictly clinical point of view and from a more broadly psychological and social one. Not all couples, for example, have the same type of relationship and dynamics. internally and towards the pregnancy itself. Not all pregnant women share the same physical and emotional problems, the same concerns or the same threshold of modesty and willingness to open such an intimate sphere of themselves to others. Not all women share the same interests and the same priorities. Not all therefore have the same expectations towards their childbirth preparation course (think for example of the single mother just abandoned by her partner in front of the new bride in love with love, or the habitual sportswoman included in the same group as the sedentary obese).

Without forgetting the different practical and organizational needs that can differentiate one couple from another, in terms of days and times available to attend the course in question.

In short, beyond the petty and banal examples, there is no doubt that the universe of pregnant women is extraordinarily vast and complex. This is why, where possible, it is extremely profitable to offer individual and specific courses that take into account (and take care of) particular personal needs.

Alternatively, it will still be good to carefully check the "breadth of your membership group, its homogeneity (because a woman in the third month of pregnancy lives a" profoundly different experience from a pregnant woman in the eighth month) and the average time that can be dedicated by operators to the needs of each individual participant.

However, one thing is certain. An accompanying childbirth course (especially if chosen with care) is never a waste of time; but rather a fundamental investment for one's own well-being, for that of one's child and for that of the family as a whole.

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