Factors that modify the distribution of drugs

The distribution of a drug in the organism can be influenced by various factors related to the subject. We recall that we speak of distribution to indicate the process by which a drug passes from one part of the body to another until it reaches the site of action.


Hypoalbuminemia in the elderly and in the newborn; presence of fetal albumin with reduced binding capacity in the newborn; presence of endogenous displacing metabolites in the elderly and in the newborn.


Hypoalbuminemia; variations in the volumes of the body water compartments.

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Deterioration of circulatory function.

Liver diseases

Hypoalbuminemia; accumulation of endogenous metabolites displacing.


Hypoalbuminemia; reduction of the binding capacity of albumin.

Severe burns, infectious and inflammatory diseases, trauma, surgery, neoplasms, ulcerative colitis.

Hypoalbuminemia; increase in the concentration of orosomucoid (protein of the acute phase of inflammation that binds various drugs).


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