Beauty and Sport: Tips for Cellulite

and above all how to fight it with training.

We will also dispel some myths and present the most effective recommendations instead.


There will also be useful advice on diet and general lifestyle because, we anticipate it right away, to remedy this imperfection it is essential to intervene "in the round".

or edematous fibro clerotic panniculopathy (PEFS), it is not a disease but a blemish based on the dysfunctionality of the subcutaneous fat, which tends to accumulate fibrous tissue, changing its composition and shape.

Ergo: cellulite is a physiological condition, with the sole exception of the rare cases in which (in severe form) it represents a complication of other primary diseases.

Note: cellulite is not water retention. The latter can contribute to the formation and aggravation of the former, and in a certain sense it can be similar to the inexperienced eye, but it is not the same condition.

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