Swollen Face - Swelling of the Face

), often - but not always - resulting from a local inflammatory reaction.

Although swelling can affect any area of ​​the face, it is most often accentuated in the labial area, cheeks and eyelids. Equally often, the condition is accentuated by a swollen appearance of the neck, more easily related to overweight and obesity.

to the face,
  • allergies (insect bites and allergic reactions of various kinds),
  • facial neoplasms,
  • increased fluid retention (common in pregnancy),
  • malnutrition,
  • kidney or heart failure,
  • angioedema,
  • pre-eclampsia,
  • local infections (dental abscesses, bacterial or viral conjunctivitis, infectious cellulitis, mumps, sinusitis, sty),
  • obesity,
  • hypothyroidism,
  • hypopituitarism (a condition characterized by decreased secretion of pituitary hormones)
  • taking certain medications (such as, for example, tadalafil or sildenafil, active ingredients contained, respectively, within Cialis® and Viagra®).
  • , severe cough and difficulty in breathing, cyanosis and paleness, choking, generalized swelling of the body, itching in the throat or mouth and severe malaise (all indications of probable anaphylactic shock).

    Facial swelling should be promptly sought medical attention when accompanied by symptoms such as mild or moderate fever, headache, pain when swallowing, eye sore or redness, face pain, redness of the skin or the appearance of blisters skin filled with fluid or pus.

    or a slight trauma to the face, the local application of ice in the form of compresses may be useful, to be kept in place for 10-15 minutes (avoid direct application of the ice, but wrap it in a cloth to avoid burns). Another fairly well-known remedy consists in the local application of the tea bags that remain from the extraction in water: while the drink acts from the inside by stimulating diuresis and counteracting water retention, the bags, once cooled, are applied to the skin to take advantage of the astringent action of tannins (useful for reducing facial swelling).

    Of course, when the swelling depends on underlying pathologies, treatment must be aimed at resolving the disease that triggered the symptom.
    If, on the other hand, the swelling of the face is caused by taking certain types of medicines, to solve the problem it may be sufficient to stop treatment with the aforementioned drugs. However, before stopping any drug therapy, it is always good to ask the preventive advice of your doctor; unless the swollen face does not represent a clear sign of allergy to the drug (therefore if it occurs in association with other typical symptoms of allergic reactions). taking the drug should be stopped immediately, but it is still necessary to contact your doctor or, if necessary, go to the nearest hospital.

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