Back and Spine Pain

it is the backbone of our whole organism.

Although at a "superficial glance it may appear as a single and compact structure, on closer inspection it is understood that it is made up of 34 small bones called vertebrae."


Each of these vertebrae is endowed with a specific movement and function and, precisely by virtue of this complexity, two distinct and opposite tasks coexist within our spinal column.
The latter, in fact, must be able to:

  • Maintain the overall stability of the organism;
  • Ensure optimal mobility in all planes of motion.

This concept is what is logically defined as a paradox, that is the contrast of two opposite functions within the same structure.

If on the one hand the spine must remain strong and stable to react to external stresses - for example when moving a weight, carrying out heavy work or playing a sport - on the other hand it must allow such freedom of movement. to perform every action and every gesture in a fluid and controlled way (think of the grace and grace of movement of the dancers and gymnasts).

It is important to understand this concept since the causes of back pain are to be found precisely in the loss of balance between the two components, ie in the movement towards a column that is too "static" or, as happens in most cases, too mobile or "unstable".

The discomfort and pain in the spine, in fact, arise and manifest themselves above all in people who have lost the ability to stabilize their spine during the normal activities of daily life. This loss, except in rare and particular cases, is a natural consequence linked to a sedentary lifestyle and bad postural habits.

From what has been said so far, you can easily understand the importance of learning to keep your back in a "neutral" position that allows you to respect the natural and physiological structure of the spine and, at the same time, combine stability and mobility.

Using the technique outlined in the next few lines will help you return to your normal daily life without having to endure annoying and uncomfortable pains anymore.

bend at 90 ° and the back detached from the backrest but relaxed;
  • Extend your lumbar spine so as to arch your back back and, at the same time, bring your head forward as if to create an imaginary "double chin." This process is called "hyper-correction";
  • Try to "let go" of 10%;
  • The one just reached is the "neutral" position of the spinal column, a posture that allows you to combine stability and functionality within the same structure and which must be used during most of the daily activities.

    This is the safest position ever for your back as in this way the muscle and joint tensions are perfectly balanced with each other.

  • Lift a weight off the ground
  • Gardening and ground work
  • Working at the desk.
  • Learning to control the "neutral" position during everyday life is not an easy task as it requires an important physical and mental effort at the same time:

    • A physical effort since many movements will be more expensive, "uncomfortable" and tiring than the previous ones;
    • A mental commitment as you will have to make sure to check your position in space during each movement.

    A point that I always want to emphasize when I discuss these topics with my patients is the importance that the subject himself learns to take care of himself: the only way to definitively and positively solve the problem is, in fact, to have a awareness and decide to change the state of things.
    No doctor and no physiotherapist, in fact, can solve a disorder of this type from the outside and with their own strength alone.
    To defeat back pain it is necessary for the individual to learn:

    • To check their posture at work as well as in free time;
    • To practice a correct and moderate physical activity every day;
    • Following a balanced diet and staying within the correct body weight.

    Life places many obstacles in our path and often the road is uphill and the path is not without difficulty.
    There are and will continue to exist "good" days and "bad" days but this is not a good reason to get discouraged and give up.
    In nature, nothing is achieved without giving something in return, if you really want to solve your back pain problem then you have to get involved right now.

    With this we have come to the end of the article but, before leaving us, you must know that I like to conclude all my writings in the fashion of a great philosopher of the past, who used to give the reader a "small reward" as he called it. him, that is a brief thought on which to meditate.

    "Due to the fact that some enterprise turns out to be difficult for you, you must not consider that it is an" impossible enterprise for man ". But if there is something possible and proper to" man, you must also consider it open to you "
    Marcus Aurelius

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