Angelica in Herbal Medicine: Property of Angelica

Scientific name

Angelica archangelica L.


Apiaceae (Umbelliferae)


Angelica is native to North America and the central-northern regions of Europe. It is a wooded but rarely spontaneous plant.

Parts Used

Dell "Angelica uses the fruits and roots, collected when the plant is 2 years old.

Chemical constituents of Angelica

  • Essential oil (betafellandrene, pinene, bisabolen);
  • Coumarins (umbelliferone);
  • Furanocoumarins (bergaptene, arcangelina, arcangelicina, imperatorina, isoimperatorina);
  • Flavonoids (arcangelone);
  • Derivatives of caffeic acid;
  • Phytosterols.

Angelica in Herbalist: Property of the Angelica

Angelica exhibits spasmolytic, prokinetic, expectorant, aromatic and carminative properties and activities.

In folk medicine, angelica officinal tincture is used as an aperitif and digestive.
In the past, the angelica was considered a useful plant in depressions and anorexia.

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