Lemon and Yogurt Cake - Very easy in the pan

If, in the summer, the heat forces us not to turn on the oven, it certainly won't prevent us from eating a nice slice of homemade cake! In the morning I love soaking the cake in tea or milk, but since my oven is currently on vacation I decided to delight in the realization of a cake cooked in a pan! Discover with me the easy lemon cake!

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Identity Card of the Recipe

  • 245 KCal Calories per serving
  • Ingrediants

    • 280 g of white flour type 00
    • 250 g of yogurt
    • 120 g (2 medium) of eggs
    • 100 g of sugar
    • 60 ml of corn oil
    • 16 g of baking powder
    • 1 pinch of salt
    • Untreated lemon juice and zest

    Materials Needed

    • Bowl
    • Scale weighs food
    • Sieve
    • Pan with lid with a diameter of 24 cm
    • Electric whips
    • Brush


    1. Shell the eggs and divide the yolks from the whites.
    2. In a bowl, combine the lemon yogurt, sugar, egg yolks, seed oil and white flour. Flavor the mixture with lemon zest and juice. Mix all the ingredients with a whisk or a wooden spoon. Add the sifted yeast and mix again.
    3. With whips, beat the egg whites until stiff peaks, adding a pinch of salt to facilitate the whipping.
    4. Gradually add the egg whites until stiff with the egg cream a few at a time, taking care to always mix from the bottom up to avoid letting the mixture collapse.
    5. Grease a pan with a diameter of 24 cm with very little oil and spread the batter. Cover with a convex lid and light the fire on a very low flame. Cook very gently without opening the lid for 30-35 minutes.
    6. After the necessary time, the cake will appear soft on the surface but cooked along the edges. Grease a flat lid with a drop of oil, using a brush.
    7. Remove the rounded lid and cover the cake with the flat lid, greased with the oil. Turn the cake upside down and quickly slide the cake into the pan.

    Did you know that
    It is advisable to grease the lid to prevent the cake from sticking to the surface and to make it slide more easily into the pan.

    1. Cover the cake again with the rounded lid and finish cooking for another 10 minutes.
    2. Before turning off the heat, insert a toothpick in the heart of the cake to make sure it is cooked correctly.
    3. Turn the cake upside down on a serving dish, allow to cool and serve with icing sugar or a sugar glaze. For a greedy version, cut the cake into discs and fill the cake with cream and strawberries or with a jam of your choice.

    Alice's comment - PersonalCooker

    The dessert lends itself to being soaked in milk, tea or coffee; for a more delicious version, you can serve the lemon cake stuffed with strawberry or cherry jam. You can also use the dessert I just proposed as an alternative to the classic margherita: in short, unleash your imagination and create your favorite pan-fried dessert.
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    Nutritional values ​​and Health Comment on the recipe

    The Easy Lemon Pie in the Pan is a rather caloric dessert, with an energy prevalence attributable to carbohydrates rather than lipids and proteins.
    The carbohydrates are both simple and complex, the fatty acids mainly of the unsaturated type and the peptides of medium and high biological value. Cholesterol is well present, while fibers are not abundant.
    The Lemon Pie Very Easy in the Pan is not suitable for the diet of overweight subjects, nor for those suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertriglyceridemia and hypercholesterolemia. It is also unsuitable in the diet of those intolerant to lactose and / or gluten. and vegan.
    The average portion is around 40g (100kcal).
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