Pineapple in Herbalist: Properties of Pineapple

Scientific name

Pineapple sativus, syn. Ananas comosus L.




Tropical regions.

Parts Used

Of the pineapple the fruits and the stem are used.

Chemical constituents

  • Highly digestible proteins;
  • Vitamins (A, B, C);
  • Minerals;
  • Proteolytic enzymes (bromelain);
  • Sugars.

Pineapple in Herbalist: Properties of Pineapple

The fibers of the pineapple stem can be used to increase intestinal fecal mass, and are part of the composition of many fiber supplements.

Enzymes such as bromelain have a modest anti-inflammatory and anti-edema activity (useful in the presence of tendinitis, fibromyositis, sprains, hematomas, rhinosinusitis, inflammation).

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