6 Exercises to Have Sexy Hips and Legs

Main Muscles Affected

  • Legs
  • Abdominal muscles
  • Buttocks

Workout difficulty


To sculpt the leg muscles and make the hips slimmer and sexy brod combine the right exercises. In this video, 6 simple but effective movements are proposed, which will allow you to get toned and slender legs and improve your hips. The workout involves an intense pace and a recovery of only 10 seconds between one exercise and the other; it is advisable to perform a short initial warm-up and at the end of the workout a few minutes of cool-down and stretching.

  • 6 exercises (1 round)
  • 30 "of work
  • 10 "break
  • From a 40 "to a 60" break between rounds
  • Perform 3/4 rounds every other day

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