Pillow, guide to choosing the pillow

The pillow is not a simple rectangle of fabric stuffed with soft material, but a real companion, which more or less generously supports the head for about a third of its life.
The pillow, like the bed base and the mattress, is in fact a determining element for the quality of sleep.
The most important characteristics are certainly the right height and an adequate consistency, these are fundamental elements for its optimal comfort.

However, it is not easy to establish how high and soft a pillow should be, as much depends on the position taken during sleep and on the anatomical characteristics of the user. One thing, however, is certain: if you sleep on the wrong pillow you risk, a little at a time, to accuse even serious problems in the back, neck and upper limbs, which often result in a widespread sense of discomfort upon awakening. .
When sleeping, the entire spinal column should be in a natural and relaxed position, starting right from the cervical tract. The width of the pillow, first of all, should be about one meter, in order to adapt to the width of the shoulders and prevent that the head slips to one side during the night.
Height is also fundamental. If we imagine sleeping in a supine position (belly up), we realize how a pillow that is too low or absent forces the neck to accentuate its curvature (lordosis), to compensate for the dorsal one (kyphosis). ). It is as if from the sitting position from which you are reading this article you let your head fall slightly backwards, forcing it into an unnatural position. The result of this forced attitude is the nocturnal stiffening of the muscles that support the head, with the consequent appearance of pain in the neck and shoulders after waking up. In the same way, a pillow that is too high would force the entire spine and the muscles that support it to an unnatural position which, maintained for so long (about a third of our day), could cause many problems upon waking. caused by this wrong attitude when we drive for a long time with the head bent forward: the spine is not in the correct position and the neck muscles stiffen.
If we sleep sideways on a pillow that is too high or too low, the column loses its linearity again. And "as if we were for a long time with the neck bent to the left or to the right, the sensation could also be pleasant in the immediate, but certainly not in the long term.
The height of the pillow is therefore a very important parameter, closely linked to its consistency. If the pillow is too soft the neck "sinks" inside, while if it is too stiff the problem is reversed. In both cases the cervical tract of the spine is forced to maintain an unnatural position, which the musculature tries to compensate, thus constituting a potential source of pain.
The choice of material is also very important. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers should, for example, approach with caution the classic pillows filled with goose feathers, rather comfortable but not washable and easily colonized by mites.
Those in foam rubber are more hygienic, therefore useful for those suffering from allergic rhinitis; too hot in summer, in some cases, however, they can cause various problems in the neck due to their greater stiffness.
A good compromise between comfort and hygiene is represented by latex pillows, as they are washable and anti-mite; even in this case, however, they can be excessively rigid for those suffering from neck pain.
On the market we also find "new age" pillows, such as the so-called "water" pillows, which adapt to the shape of the head when it changes position, those that give off relaxing / stimulating essences or those associated with particular stones, such as the "amethyst, with the purpose of making dreams more vivid and clear.
Microfiber pillows are probably the most modern and comfortable solution. Thanks to the particular interweaving of the meshes, they allow the redistribution of weights so that this adapts to the natural curvature of the cervical region. The system is similar to that of the latex mattress which, if well studied, is lowered at the pressure points to follow the shapes of the head and neck. In some cases these fibers are equipped with the so-called "permanent anti-mite system". These are synthetic materials specially designed to repel dust mites, giving more hygienic and restful sleep to those suffering from allergic problems.

But the most avant-garde pillows are those equipped with the so-called "Memory foam" system. Thanks to specially designed gels or special latex foams, they are not only able to adapt to the shape of the head and neck of the user by exploiting the heat that this emanates, but even to memorize it for a few seconds. When you turn around during sleep, the "memory" is lost within a few seconds and the pillow immediately adapts to the new position. adapt to the pillow, but vice versa Memory foam is considered to be really comfortable, it is no coincidence that memory foam shoes are also made to make walking or running more pleasant.
Natural and organic pillows are also very popular, made with husks or grains of cereal (usually buckwheat which, to tell the truth, is not a cereal even if it is commonly included in the category). The presence of biological material contributes to making the pillow enveloping and relaxing, very cool in summer.

There is therefore no ideal and universal product that is suitable for everyone, the preference of one type over another is completely personal. In general, based on the products currently available, the best pillow is the one that has the following characteristics: easily washable and hypoallergenic, breathable, with a permanent anti-mite system and made of a shape memory material.

Therefore, broadly speaking, a "standard" pillow should be about one meter wide by a height that varies from 10 to 20 cm. Furthermore, individual preferences and feelings should not be underestimated, both in the short term, but above all in the long term. To prevent it from turning into a receptacle for germs and dirt, it is good to air it every day, preferably not exposing it to direct sunlight; it is also important to wash it when possible and to use replaceable cotton liners. The average duration, depending on use and wear, is 2-5 years.

Memory foam pillows online

A pair of memory foam pillows with Aloe Vera lining are available online, which are efficient in gradually and steadily accepting the weight of the garment, following every movement without compressing and returning to their original shape. They also ensure an anatomically correct position, minimizing pressure points and promoting blood and lymphatic flow.
The Aloe Vera lining is anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and regenerating, it strengthens the immune system and regenerates the tissues respecting the natural rhythm of cell development.
Thanks to the high quality raw materials, the cushions maintain their characteristics over time.

Available online

Alternatively, you can choose the Bio memory foam pillow, soap model, 12 cm high and equipped with a Memory Bio side and another Super Soft, which thus allows double use. Designed to ensure excellence in terms of ergonomics and support, in fact, this pillow allows everyone the possibility to choose the ideal side on which to sleep according to their needs and resting preferences: the side in Memory Bio, with its capacity to adapt to the weight and pressure of the head and neck, it is ideal for avoiding annoying neck pain. The Super Soft side, flexible and soft (but also resistant and durable over time), ensures unprecedented softness and uniform distribution of pressure loads. The holes applied on the product, then, offer extraordinary breathability, freshness and air recirculation.

Buyable online

Orthopedic pillows and special pillows

The so-called "roll" pillow is one of the most used in the presence of cervical arthrosis, one of the most common causes of pain in this delicate area of ​​the body. It should be positioned under the normal lordotic curve of the neck, in order to keep the cervical vertebrae in slight traction and, thanks to the possible presence of lateral elevations, to avoid unwanted movements of the head. The same "structural" pattern is common to many other types of shaped cushions, always useful in the presence of neck pain and to be used strictly in the supine position. Some of these help to correctly support the head, preventing the latter from assuming wrong positions even when resting on one side.
A normal pillow to be placed under the knees helps to decrease the lumbar lordosis of the spine and can therefore prove useful for those suffering from low back pain.
Also to be placed under the legs, there are also special cushions, the so-called elevator cushions, for those suffering from circulatory problems, particularly common in women. Much higher than traditional pillows, they facilitate venous return to the heart and are therefore useful in case of tired and swollen legs, varicose veins, water retention, calf cramps and during pregnancy.

A second category of cushions, united by the wedge shape, has been designed and reproduced to keep the shoulders and chest raised during rest. This type of pillow is an "excellent choice for those suffering from dorsal hyperkyphosis (the so-called" hump ") or respiratory disorders, such as asthma, sleep apnea and snoring (snoring); the slight anterior flexion of the bust facilitates the" respiratory act.
There are also cushions dedicated exclusively to the female public and in particular to new mothers and to those suffering from premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea or mastopathy. Shaped on the chest, with two cavities in correspondence with the breasts, it allows you to sleep on your stomach without painful compressions.

Also for pregnant women there are special pillows, which must be passed under the belly and between the legs, in order to sleep on your side avoiding dangerous pressure on the belly.

In any case, the choice of an orthopedic or special pillow must always be carried out in relation to the individual characteristics, which can make it contraindicated in one case, useful in another or vice versa. For this reason, a prior consultation with a specialist is very important.

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