Hair regrowth: what solutions?

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Hair regrowth is a "need to which we always try to give an answer as attentive as possible to the specifics of the individual. For those who want to thicken their hair, the strategies available are different, but transplantation is the most decisive option when the process that leads to progressive pathological hair loss (alopecia) has now established, making the thinning permanent.


To date, hair transplantation is the most practiced method by experts in the sector to redensify the hair, as it offers the best results in terms of satisfaction. Thanks to the continuous evolution of the minimally invasive techniques with which it is carried out, this kind of intervention it allows to redistribute the follicles homogeneously and allows a completely natural regrowth.

, hair transplant techniques have evolved considerably over time, improving their performance.

There are also protocols, such as the "Helvetico Sanders SMART FUE Institute aimed at creating a" tailor-made "hair transplant for the patient.

SMART FUE is a procedure introduced by Istituto Helvetico Sanders which combines an in-depth study on the specific case of the subject (SMART is the acronym of "Scalp Motorized Assisted Rational Transplantation") with hair transplantation performed with the latest generation techniques. In addition to being customized according to its characteristics and the problem to be faced, the intervention is followed by periodic monitoring of the regrowth of the implanted hair, carried out by experts in the sector, even many months after the transplant. For those who decide to undergo the protocol Istituto Helvetico Sanders SMART FUE, this approach translates into the search for the best possible result, in terms of doctor and patient satisfaction.

, allowing to obtain a perfectly natural and permanent result.

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