Somatotype and Somatocarta: How Reliable Are They?


It would be different if we talked about contemporary academic nutrition and anthropometry, branches within which somatotype and somatotype are not usually recognized as reliable and therefore applicable criteria.

For further information: Somatotypes , measurable on the circumference of the counter-dominant wrist taken at the narrowest point;
  • Stature;
  • Morphological type: ratio between height and wrist circumference (both in centimeters);
  • Weight;
  • Body Mass Index: evaluates the suitability of the weight, regardless of the skeleton and muscle mass, to identify any underweight or overweight. It is measured by relating the weight in kilograms to the height in meters squared;
  • Percentage of subcutaneous fat: measured indirectly with plicometry;
  • All the values ​​can be extrapolated thanks to bioimpedance analysis.
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