Omeprazole: What is it for? How and when is it taken?

belonged to the group of proton pump inhibitors (or IPPs). More precisely, it represents the progenitor of this type of drug.

Shutterstock Omeprazole - Chemical Structure

Used in cases where it is necessary to reduce the production of gastric acid, omeprazole is fully among the gastroprotective drugs and anti-ulcer drugs.

To carry out its therapeutic action, omeprazole must be taken orally. In fact, the medicines that contain it are formulated in the form of hard gastro-resistant capsules. These medicines, in order to be sold, require the presentation of a specific repeatable medical prescription ( RR) However, as they are classified as class A drugs - when applicable (eligible for disease exemption) - their cost can be reimbursed by the National Health System (SSN), although in some cases it may be necessary to pay a ticket.

We point out, however, that currently (June 2020), in Italy it is also possible to find an over-the-counter (OTC) drug based on omeprazole.

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