Ringing in the Ears: Associated Causes and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Therapy

, vascular or acoustic (ie diseases affecting the ear, the acoustic nerve or the brain, where sounds are normally interpreted).

On rare occasions, however, the ringing in the ears is of an objective type, so it can also be heard by an external examiner. This symptom can occur as a result of various types of problems, affecting anatomical structures close to the ear, such as the skull or the cervical district (eg squawking of the jaw joint, carotid anomalies, etc.).

While not dangerous, ringing in the ears can become quite annoying. For this reason, it is good to know how to deal with the problem.

it is the typical onset site of tinnitus, since it includes the acoustic labyrinth and the nervous structures responsible for hearing. The perception of whistles may depend on variations in the pressure of the labyrinthine liquids and on alterations in their chemical-physical constitution.

In some cases, the ringing in the ears derives from the real noise produced by physiological phenomena (generally, from the vascular flow) occurring in the vicinity of the middle ear.

Sometimes this disorder occurs with no apparent cause.

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