Hearing loss: how to take care of it

, eye examinations, etc.). It is a simple, fast and non-invasive examination that allows you to evaluate the efficiency of the hearing system and establish the presence of hearing loss. In particular, hearing control uses state-of-the-art technologies to define an individual hearing profile. , establishing the extent of the hearing loss and taking into account the needs and habits. Once the hearing loss has been identified, it is possible to evaluate with the help of a qualified professional the appropriate treatment options and the possible adoption of simple remedies , such as the use of hearing aids to prevent consequences such as the progression of cognitive impairment, isolation and social exclusion.

, proving effective in improving the quality of life of hearing impaired people. These devices allow, in fact, a significant improvement in social and emotional function, as well as in communication and cognitive skills.

The main types of hearing aids include devices that are worn behind the ear (behind the ear) or inside the ear canal (in the ear).

The technology on which their operation is based is constantly evolving.The latest generation hearing aids are invisible, fully adjustable and capable of automatically adjusting performance to different environments, adapting to all listening needs to offer excellent sound quality.

A great innovation also concerns the application of wireless technologies for connectivity between hearing aids and external sound sources. Bluetooth allows you to connect the hearing aid to a mobile phone, television, stereo and any other device that is equipped with it. allowing you to automatically synchronize the signals of all electronic instruments, without the need for cables or headphones. In addition, the hearing aids are able to adjust the volume of the television to the ear, allowing loved ones present to keep it at the level most suitable for them.

The device thus becomes a real wireless headset with excellent performance that allows, for example, to try the experience of superior audio by connecting to the TV or to talk on the phone leaving your hands free.

The advanced technologies with which they are made, together with the small size and the possibility of customization, make the use of these devices simple and comfortable in everyday life. In fact, there is no single hearing aid valid for everyone, but everyone must rely on the solution. best suited for your hearing and listening needs. For this reason, during the selection process, the hearing care professional will become the professional figure of reference, as he will be able to interpret which of the various options available is the most suitable solution for his hearing well-being, as well as providing appropriate instructions on the correct use of the device. acoustic and check the device over time to always ensure excellent sound quality.

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