Open Spas as a Health Presidium: What the DPCM Provides

. Therefore, swimming pools, wellness centers and related services are open (with the exception of the Turkish bath), and spa centers, even in the red zone regions. As regards beauty farm services and services, on the other hand, normal activities are allowed only in orange and yellow regions.

For this reason, with the latest provisions of the government, the spas considered health centers remained open, including, for example, the Terme di Saturnia, Sirmione, Montecatini, Abano, Merano. In these structures affiliated with the National Health System, it is possible to access by presenting a prescription (red) from the general practitioner with the pathology and therapy, upon payment of the ticket only.

, ENT) which indicates the need to carry out spa treatments or physiotherapy, even for short periods (stays of 1-2 nights) in a spa center equipped with a hotel.

With referral or prescription, the self-certification duly filled in and with reference to one of the documents described above is always required.

. Depending on the type of water -Sulfurea, Salso-bromo-iodica, Chloride-Sodium, Bicarbonate, Radioactive (it does not mean that they are contaminated by radioactive substances, but by elements deriving from rocks and minerals), Sea Water (for Thalassotherapy). These waters are enriched with the most varied vitamins and mineral salts during the slow rise to the surface. Each thermal pool is different, it is the result of a unique and original story and it can take hundreds of years before it can be used.

The scientific cataloging of thermal waters takes place through chemical-physical analyzes, the certification of therapeutic properties is issued by the Ministry of Health and is always being updated, since often some of these properties, recognized by millenary popular traditions, are validated or "rediscovered" by the results of experiments and scientific research by Federterme, at the forefront of the subject, which makes use of a "very active research foundation (Forst) to study and anticipate any useful information.

for the treatment / improvement of some ailments.

Types of healing mud

  • Sulfur muds;
  • Chlorinated mud (the most used in spas);
  • Sulphurous muds;
  • Salso-iodic muds;
  • Ferruginous sludge;
  • Arsenic sludge.
in the presence of degenerative joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • They prevent any re-ignition of rheumatic pains.
  • They limit cartilage damage in patients suffering from joint pain.
  • They provide pain relief in the presence of neuralgia, neuritis and osteoporosis.
  • Muscle relaxant properties: they relax the muscles and promote blood circulation.
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