Methadone: What It Is, What It Is Used For, How It Is Taken

(or pain relievers) opioids. Its analgesic power is similar to that of morphine, but - unlike the latter - methadone is not of natural origin, but is a synthetic drug.

Shutterstock Methadone - Chemical Structure

Methadone - in addition to being used in pain therapy - is also used in the treatment of drug addiction to reduce the typical symptoms of withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone is available in pharmaceutical formulations suitable for both oral and parenteral administration.
From a chemical point of view, methadone can be considered as a derivative of diphenylpropylamine.

Methadone-based medicines for parenteral use and other than those for oral use are reserved for hospital use only, while others can be sold in pharmacies, but only upon presentation of a specific medical prescription (ministerial model with tracing or SSN recipe book with data annotation buyer). These medicines are for oral use and are classified as class A drugs, therefore, their cost can be reimbursed by the National Health System (SSN).

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