Hydronephrosis is a particular pathological circumstance, characterized by the accumulation of urine inside the kidney. This accumulation, which causes renal swelling, is due to an obstructive blockage of the urinary tract, which normally lead the urine formed outside. in the kidneys. The occlusion of the urinary ducts has different causes; usually it originates after the formation of kidney stones, but this is not the only reason. Therefore, a precise diagnosis is needed to establish not only the extent of the hydronephrosis, but also (and above all) the causes.
Knowing the precise reasons for this kidney disorder helps to plan the most appropriate treatment.
An appropriate, timely and rapid therapeutic intervention can be essential to avoid the onset of complications, sometimes even serious ones.

Figure: Comparison between healthy kidney (left) and kidney with hydronephrosis (right). You can appreciate how the internal anatomy of the kidney changes as it accumulates urine. The renal pelvis swells, the renal calyxes dilate and the ureter is blocked. From the site: biology-forums.com

Kidneys and urinary system

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