Fighting meteorism with the Diet

: What it is and Possible Causes ", below we will summarize some useful and practical tips on how to start fighting functional bloating with" nutrition.


Of course, these recommendations will play a decisive role only in cases of swelling with a behavioral and / or dietary etiology. Against meteorism secondary to real pathologies, to diet-independent factors or with very relevant emotional causes, it is also necessary to treat the primary disorder of origin.

What we will list is to be interpreted as an "exhaustive introduction to the" dedicated article: "Diet Against Meteorism: What To Do".

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  • Avoid chewing too many gum during the day
  • Follow a varied and balanced diet, introducing the right proportions of energetic macronutrients, fibers, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals etc.
  • Avoid binges, especially in evening meals or before bedtime
  • Eat sweet fruit between meals, especially in case of fermentative colitis, and in any case large portions
  • Avoid foods that are difficult to digest, such as those that are very fatty, such as fried foods
  • Limit associations of foods with slow digestion; for example: meat and cheese; eggs and legumes, pasta or bread and lots of meat, giant stuffed pizzas etc.
  • Consume well-soaked and cooked legumes, much better if pureed and without peel, and prefer refined cereals (without bran)
  • In meals rich in protein, it may be advisable to combine them with vegetables
  • Avoid foods that are potentially responsible for irritation of the intestinal mucosa or that can promote an excessive action, or alter the normal activity, of the intestinal bacterial flora
  • Limit the consumption of nerve-rich foods, such as coffee, black tea, alcohol, cola, chocolate, energy drinks - such as Red Bull
  • Limit the consumption of carbonated drinks and, more generally, of all those foods that contain gas - whipped cream, puff pastry etc.
  • Limit additives that can be fermented by intestinal bacteria, for example artificial sweeteners that contain sugar alcohols (mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol etc.)
  • Use, under medical supervision, specific drugs:
    • Non-absorbable antibiotics that exert their rebalancing action on the bacterial flora - by not entering the circulation, they have fewer and fewer collateral
    • Products that prevent the formation of foams in the intestine, favoring the absorption of gases and reducing meteorism - for example vegetable carbon, dimethicone, etc. Let's not forget that these products are also designed for limited use; it is advisable to avoid prolonged use and especially in large doses.
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