Protein shake


20 grams of protein powder

a large peeled banana (100 grams)

6 ripe strawberries (100 grams)

300 ml of whole milk

half a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder (5g) or 1 teaspoon of nesquick for the sweet tooth


cut the banana into small pieces and place it, together with the other ingredients, in the food processor; blend everything for 30 seconds

NUTRITIONAL VALUES (with bitter cocoa)

Diet composition

NUTRITIOUS AMOUNT % POWER Power 368 Kcal Proteins 30 g 32 Fat 13 g 31 Carbohydrates 37 g 37 Fiber 5 g Alcohol 0 0 C vitamin 73 mg 121% RDA Vitamin B6 1.38 mg 92% RDA Niacin 1.59 mg 8.8% RDA Riboflavin 0.66 mg 41.25% RDA Thiamine 0.2 mg 16.6% RDA Vitamin A 174.4 mcg 24.9% RDA Iron 2.62 mg Football 402 mg cholesterol 42 mg


quick snack with a pleasant taste rich in vitamin C, proteins and antioxidants

indicated for bodybuilders and slimming diets

replacing bitter cocoa powder (food very rich in antioxidants) with soluble sweet cocoa powder such as nesquik, you get a snack in line with the guidelines of the zone diet (40:30:30)

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