Medicines for Stomach Acidity in Pregnancy

in pregnancy it is a very common and rather frequent disorder, attributable to the typical changes in gestation that occur both at an anatomical and hormonal level.

Generally, stomach acid in pregnancy is a disorder that can be easily prevented and treated. Nevertheless, it is good not to underestimate it and contact your doctor, avoiding any form of self-diagnosis and / or self-treatment.

For further information: Acidity and Burning of Stomach in Pregnancy seems to be mainly due to the "increase in progesterone levels, which are able to slow down the digestive processes (therefore slow down the gastric emptying speed) and reduce the tone of the sphincter placed between the stomach and esophagus, thus favoring the reflux of the" acid contained in the stomach itself.

From the fourth month of gestation onwards, however, stomach acid seems to be mainly due to the increase in the size of the fetus and the pressure it exerts on the stomach walls.

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