LOMEXIN ® Fenticonazole

LOMEXIN ® is a drug based on Fenticonazole nitrate

THERAPEUTIC GROUP: Antifungals for topical use

Indications LOMEXIN ® Fenticonazole

LOMEXIN ® is successfully used in the treatment of dermatomycoses caused by dermatophytes, yeasts and fungi, in infections of the scalp, in onychomycosis, in cutaneous and vaginal mucosal candidiasis and in Pityriasis versicolor.

Mechanism of action LOMEXIN ® Fenticonazole

LOMEXIN ® is a medicinal product based on Fenticonazole, an active ingredient belonging to the vast family of imidizazole derivatives with which it evidently shares both the fungicidal and fungal static and bactericidal activity directed against Gram positive microorganisms.
The clinical efficacy of this active ingredient is linked to the inhibitory action against the enzyme 14 alpha methyl lanosterol demethylase, an enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of ergosterol, a membrane molecule important in preserving the structural and functional properties of the plasma membrane.
In addition to seriously compromising the biological properties of the plasma membrane, inhibition of this enzyme induces a slowdown of all biosynthetic activities due to the accumulation of potentially toxic catabolites.
The aforementioned activities result in the death of the microorganism and the consequent remission of the symptoms complained of.

Studies carried out and clinical efficacy

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Method of use and dosage

Cream for skin use with 2% Fenticonazole nitrate;
2 gr Fenticonazole solution with nebulizer per 100 ml of solution;
Sprinkling powder with 1 or 2% Fenticonazole nitrate;
2% Fenticonazole nitrate skin foam;
2% Fenticonazole Nitrate Lotion.
Generally it is recommended to apply the appropriate amount of drug directly on the region affected by the infectious process once or twice a day, after having thoroughly cleansed the area to be treated.
The choice of the pharmaceutical format obviously depends on the region affected by the infectious process and must necessarily be suggested by the doctor.

LOMEXIN ® Fenticonazole warnings

The use of LOMEXIN ® should be preceded by a careful medical examination and accompanied by continuous medical monitoring.
At the same time, the patient should adopt a series of useful precautions to limit the onset of side effects and to optimize therapeutic efficacy.
Avoid contact of the drug with the eyes, thoroughly cleanse the skin region to be treated before applying the drug, thoroughly cleanse your hands after application to avoid persistence of residues, avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation and carefully follow the instructions. medical indications represent the most important precautions to be observed.


The aforementioned contraindications to the use of LOMEXIN ® also extend to pregnancy and the subsequent period of breastfeeding, given the absence of studies able to better characterize the safety profile of Fenticonazole for fetal health.


No drug interactions worthy of clinical note are currently known.

Contraindications LOMEXIN ® Fenticonazole

The use of LOMEXIN ® is contraindicated in patients hypersensitive to the active substance or to one of its excipients.

Undesirable Effects - Side Effects

The use of LOMEXIN ® especially when prolonged for a long time, could determine the onset of local and transient side effects such as redness, burning and erythema.
Fortunately, clinically relevant side effects are rarer.


LOMEXIN ® is a drug subject to mandatory medical prescription.

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