FERROFOLIN ® Iron + folic acid

FERROFOLIN ® is a drug based on iron protinate + calcium folinate

THERAPEUTIC GROUP: Iron-based preparations

Indications FERROFOLIN ® Iron + folic acid

FERROFOLIN ® is used in the prevention and treatment of iron and folic acid deficiency typical of pregnancy, and in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.
The concentrations of folate present in the drug are not adequate for the treatment of megaloblastic anemia.

Mechanism of action FERROFOLIN ® Iron + folic acid

FERROFOLIN ® is a medicine that combines two particularly important elements in the management of cell replication processes, especially for cells with a high turnover such as those of the hematopoietic system, such as iron and folic acid.
More precisely, the protinated iron is a particular molecular complex, which allows to optimize the intestinal absorption of iron by using both the divalent metal transporter and the intestinal transporter reserved for organic iron, and thus restoring the correct organic iron pull, which is important in preserving the structure of different enzymes and especially of hemoglobin, the main protein of the erythrocyte.
At the same time, the folic acid contained in FERROFOLIN ®, is able, acting as a carrier of monocarbonaceous units, to optimize the synthesis of thymine by promoting that of nucleic acids and at the same time providing organic detoxification from potentially toxic molecules such as homocysteine.
From the therapeutic point of view, however, the use of FERROFOLIN ® is intended above all to support the proliferative and differentiation capacities of cellular elements with intense replicative activity, which in the unborn child guide the correct development of the neural tube and the nervous system.

Studies carried out and clinical efficacy

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Prenatal micronutrient supplements cumulatively increase fetal growth.

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Study that demonstrates how prenatal supplementation with iron and folic acid can preserve fetal development in populations at risk of malnutrition, in a similar way to what is done by multivitamin and multimineralic preparations, but at a significantly lower cost.

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A comparison of iron and folate with folate alone in hematologic recovery of children treated for acute malaria.

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The intake of iron and folate as adjuvants in malaria therapy is able to effectively raise the hematocrit of children suffering from malaria, ensuring a better and faster hematological recovery.

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Iron and folic acid supplements in pregnancy improve child survival in Indonesia.

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Study conducted in Indonesia, on pregnant young people, which demonstrated how the prenatal use of iron and folic acid-based supplements can be effective in reducing the mortality rate in children under the age of 5, especially in the first year of life.

Method of use and dosage

Oral solution of 40 mg of iron, in the form of protinated iron, and 0.18 mg of folic acid, as calcium folinate penta hydrate.
Using the single-dose container combined with the product, we recommend the use of 1-2 doses per day in adults, until the normal iron reserves are reconstituted.
The treatment must necessarily be supervised by your doctor, who may decide, depending on the results of the blood tests, to extend the intake of FERROFOLIN ® beyond the prescribed indications.

Warnings FERROFOLIN ® Iron + folic acid

The administration of FERROFOLIN ® should be preceded by a "careful medical examination, useful for diagnosing the deficiency state and any type of anemia, so that the prescription of the drug is correct and effective."
FERROFOLIN ® contains parahydroxybenzoates, active ingredients with an allergogenic activity.


The therapeutic indication envisaged for FERROFOLIN ®, relating to the treatment of anemic states of pregnancy, allows this drug to be used during pregnancy, provided that this is taken under strict medical supervision.


The concomitant administration of iron and tetracyclines, antacids, quinolones or chloramphenicol, could cause a significant reduction in the blood concentrations of both active ingredients, unless iron intake occurs at least 2 hours after those of the aforementioned drugs.
Furthermore, iron could also determine a reduction in the absorption of methyldopa and thyroxine, reducing their therapeutic efficacy.
The simultaneous intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and folic acid could cause an alteration of the metabolism of folic acid, with a possible reduction of the therapeutic efficacy, while anticonvulsants and antiepileptics could reduce the blood concentrations of folate.
Finally, it is useful to remember how some chemotherapeutic or immunosuppressive drugs used in the treatment of autoimmune pathologies may have an antipholic activity.

Contraindications FERROFOLIN ® Iron + folic acid

The use of FERROFOLIN ® is contraindicated in patients hypersensitive to the active ingredient or to one of its excipients, or suffering from hemosiderosis, hemochromatosis, non-sideropenic anemia, chronic pancreatitis and liver cirrhosis.

Undesirable Effects - Side Effects

Although the intake of FERROFOLIN ®, at the indicated dosages, is well tolerated and free of particular side effects, the abuse of this product both in terms of timing and quantity, could cause the appearance of dark stools, diarrhea, constipation, nausea and pain abdominal muscles.
In the above cases it is necessary to contact your doctor and stop taking the medicine until the symptoms completely regress.


FERROFOLIN ® can only be sold with a medical prescription.

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