FARGAN ® Promethazine

FARGAN ® is a drug based on Promethazine

THERAPEUTIC GROUP: Antipruritic, including antihistamines, anesthetics etc.

Indications FARGAN ® Promethazine

FARGAN ® is successfully used in the treatment of skin itchy forms and localized skin irritation phenomena characterized by redness, burning and sunburn.

Mechanism of action FARGAN ® Promethazine

FARGAN ® is a medicinal product based on Promethazine, an antagonist of the histamine H1 receptor and therefore has a significant antihistamine effect which manifests itself in the anti-edematous, antipruritic and modestly anti-inflammatory activity of the drug.
However, the topical application of this active ingredient allows to limit some of the side effects classically related to systemic therapy with antihistamines such as Promethazine, such as the sedative effect on the Central Nervous System, due to the ability to easily cross the blood brain barrier, making thus the topical application of FARGAN ® is generally safe and well tolerated.

Studies carried out and clinical efficacy

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Promethazine protects against 3-nitropropionic acid-induced neurotoxicity.

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Very recent pharmacokinetic study that seeks to optimize the properties of Promethazine by formulating a new delivery system consisting of organic compounds such as lecithin.These studies are aimed at obtaining drugs capable of guaranteeing a gradual and prolonged release of the active ingredient over time in order to reduce the frequency of application, making therapy easier.

Method of use and dosage

Cream for cutaneous use of 2 gr of Promethazine for 20 gr of product.
Generally, preferably under the prescription of your doctor, it is advisable to apply the appropriate amount of cream, directly on the region affected by the symptoms, 3-4 times a day, taking care to gently massage the region itself.

Warnings FARGAN ® Promethazine

The use of FARGAN ® should be preceded by a careful medical examination aimed at clarifying the origin of the complained symptoms and the possible prescribing appropriateness.
Prolonged use of this medicinal product could lead to the onset of sensitization phenomena such as to worsen the symptoms present, thus delaying the healing and healing of skin lesions.
The patient treated with FARGAN ® should comply with a series of hygiene-sanitary rules useful for optimizing the therapeutic efficacy of the drug, while limiting the onset of potential side effects.
Given the photosensitizing power of Promethazine, the patient receiving FARGAN ® should avoid exposure of the treated region to ultraviolet radiation.
It is recommended to store the drug out of the reach of children.


Given the lack of studies capable of verifying the safety profile of the drug for the health of the fetus and infant, it is recommended to use FARGAN ® only in cases of real need and always under the strict supervision of your doctor.


No clinically relevant drug interactions are currently known.

Contraindications FARGAN ® Promethazine

The use of FARGAN ® is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to the active substance or to one of its excipients, or with particularly conspicuous and secreting skin affections.

Undesirable Effects - Side Effects

The use of FARGAN ®, especially when prolonged for a long time, could determine the appearance of local adverse reactions, fortunately of a transitory nature.


FARGAN ® is a non-prescription drug.

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