BIODERMATIN ® is a Biotin-based drug


Indications BIODERMATIN ® - Biotin

BIODERMATIN ® is indicated in the treatment of biotin deficiency states and as a therapeutic adjuvant for the treatment of seborrheic and desquamative skin diseases.

Mechanism of action BIODERMATIN ® - Biotin

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin of group B, therefore defined as vitamin B8, biologically indispensable given its role as a cofactor for enzymes known as carboxylases, involved in the synthesis of fatty acids and glucose through the process of gluconeogenesis, and in the catabolism of some essential amino acids such as leucine, cholesterol and fatty acids.
Its molecular activities are macroscopically translated into a series of reactions useful for cell survival, and in particular of those tissues with high turnover such as the epidermis and its annexes.
In fact, the deficiency of this vitamin, which can be observed in patients subjected for long periods of time to parenteral nutrition or to unhealthy eating habits, such as the consumption of raw eggs, manifests itself with a series of symptoms characterized by hair loss, desquamative skin rashes, symptoms neurological such as depression, lethargy and hallucinations and in the most serious cases with recurrent bacterial and fungal infections due to a widespread state of immunosuppression.

Studies carried out and clinical efficacy


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Study conducted on a family affected by genetic syndrome characterized by the particular fragility of the skin appendages, in which the intake of biotin proved to be useful in improving the symptoms, guaranteeing a gradual remission.


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Biotin deficiency in amino acid formula nutrition for an infant with milk protein allergy.

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Case report that demonstrates the serious risk for infants with milk protein allergy to incur a biotin deficiency associated with the use of biotin-free amino acid supplements.


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Loss of taste responds to high-dose biotin treatment.

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Very interesting study that focuses on a potential side effect of biotin taken at high doses such as the loss of taste. This symptom seems to weigh heavily on the patient's quality of life.

Method of use and dosage

Biotin 5 mg tablets for oral use;
effervescent granules of 5 or 20 mg of biotin;
5 mg solution for injection of biotin.
Although an optimal dosage is defined for the treatment of biotin deficiency, usually corresponding to 3 tablets per day, it would be more appropriate to consult your doctor, who should define the appropriate dose based on the present clinical picture.

Warnings BIODERMATIN ® - Biotin

The use of anticonvulsant drugs could lead to a significant increase in the biotin requirement, therefore requiring a possible adjustment of the dosage.
BIODERMATIN ® contains sucrose, therefore its intake is contraindicated in patients with diabetes, fructose intolerance, glucose / galactose malabsorption syndrome or in case of isomaltase insufficiency.


The intake of BIODERMATIN ® during pregnancy and in the subsequent period of breastfeeding, should be prescribed and supervised by your doctor.


High doses of pantothenic acid could compete with biotin for intestinal absorption due to the similar structure and use of the same transporters.
A similar action is observed following the ingestion of raw egg white, given the presence of avidin, capable of forming biologically inactive complexes with biotin.

Contraindications BIODERMATIN ® - Biotin

BIODERMATIN ® is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the active principle and to the relative excipients.

Undesirable Effects - Side Effects

Biotin intake is usually very well tolerated and free from clinically relevant side effects.
Only in rare cases, especially after taking the drug intramuscularly, have allergic reactions with mainly cutaneous manifestations been observed.


BIODERMATIN ® can only be sold with a medical prescription.

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