Olive tree in Herbalist: Properties of the Olive tree

Scientific name

Olea europaea




Asia Minor

Parts Used

Drug consisting of dried and crushed leaves, and fruits

Chemical constituents

  • Fatty acids (saturated and unsaturated);
  • Oleuropein;
  • Triterpenes;
  • Flavonoids.

Olivo in Herbalist: Property of the "Olivo

In vitro, at an experimental level, the fresh leaves of the plant have been shown to act favorably on cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure (diuretic and vasodilator effect).
The dried olive leaves, on the other hand, used in decoction are exploited against gout and rheumatism.
Olive oil is fundamental in nutrition and not only: it is a precious food both for the vitamin component with antioxidant activity and for fatty acids, but it is also used as an excipient for numerous galenic preparations and medicinal specialties.

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