Properties of the Hypericum in Herbalist: what are they?

it consists of the dried flowering tops.

(hyperoside, rutin, isoquercitrin, etc.);

  • Diantrachinones (hypericin, pseudohyperericin);
  • Xanthones;
  • Acyl-phloroglucinols (hyperforin);
  • Essential oil (the main components are aliphatic hydrocarbons);
  • Procyanidins and catechinic tannins;
  • Derivatives of caffeic acid, including chlorogenic acid.
  • taken orally - antidepressant activities confirmed by various studies and trials are attributed. Not surprisingly, the extract of St. John's wort - in addition to being used in phytotherapy - is included in the composition of a real drug (Nervaxon®) indicated for the treatment of mild-moderate depressive syndromes.

    St. John's wort oil, obtained by maceration in vegetable oil, on the other hand, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

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