Scientific Committee: the project and the participating hospitals

The project

The Scientific Committee is a commission, made up of medical specialists belonging to different hospital groups, which participates as a reviewer of the medical-scientific content present on the website with the aim of guaranteeing greater accuracy, multiplicity of vision and update on the subject dealt with.

The Scientific Committee

Listed below are the hospitals that, to date, participate in the project as content reviewers.

Italian Auxological Institute

Istituto Auxologico Italiano is an Irccs (Institute of hospitalization and scientific treatment) present in Lombardy and Piedmont with 13 hospital, diagnostic and research facilities. Founded in 1958, it is a foundation for scientific research and patient care. Auxologico's mission is to offer the most up-to-date and effective treatments by transferring the progress of scientific research to diagnostic and hospital activities. The achievements in these fields generate more than 370 international scientific publications every year.

Here all the contents reviewed by the Italian Auxological Institute

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ASST Large Metropolitan Hospital Niguarda

The hospital was opened in 1939 and houses all clinical specialties for adults and children. Niguarda has over 70 wards, 1,200 beds and 35 operating theaters. Niguarda is a place of care and culture for health, knowing it means coming into contact with over 4,500 operators, including about 750 doctors and over 2,000 nurses, health and rehabilitation technicians and midwives. The activity has always been based on multidisciplinarity, research and training with ultra-specialized management.

Here all the contents reviewed by Niguarda Hospital

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