Converting grams into the various weight units

Converting a certain value from one "unit of measurement to another" means multiplying it by the appropriate conversion factor. The quantity obviously remains the same, what changes is simply the way of expressing it. If an object costs 10 euros, we can for example buy it with 10 1-euro coins or with 1000 one-cent coins. Similarly, to compensate for the weight of a 10kg brick we can put 10 1kg bricks or 1000 one-hundredth of a kg bricks on the other side of the scale. Establishing that our reference brick weighs as much as 1000 smaller bricks means having determined the conversion factor between the two units of measurement (1: 1000). Six large bricks will therefore have the same weight of 6000 (6x1000) bricks. On the other hand, each brick weighs 1/1000 of the reference brick, so 276 bricks have a total weight equal to 0.275 (0.001 * 275) times the reference weight. In short, easier to understand than to explain; however, if math is not your strong point or you don't want to think, you can indulge yourself in the various conversions with our automatic calculator. Those who prefer to perform them independently, perhaps with pen and paper, may find the various conversion factors a little lower. Have fun!

Enter the value to convert

Specifying the unit of measurement

Grams Milligrams Hectograms Kilograms Quintals Tons Decigrams Centigrams Micrograms Nanograms Picograms Femtograms Attograms Decagrams Gigagrams Theragrams Petagrams Hexagrams Pounds Ounces Stone Dram Grains Carats Grams (g) Decagrams (dag) Decigrams (dg) Hectograms (hg) Centigrams (cg) Kilograms (Kg) Milligrams (mg) Quintals (q) Micrograms (µg) Megagrams (Tons) (Mg) Nanograms (ng) Gigagrams (Gg) Picograms (pg) Teragrams (Tg) Femtograms (fg) Petagrams (Pg) Attograms (ag) Hexagrams (Eg) Pounds (lb) Carat (kt) Ounces (oz) Grains (gr) Stone (st) Dram (dr) Multiples of the gram according to the international system of units of measurement SUBMULTIPLES MULTIPLE Value Symbol First name Value Symbol First name 10-1 g dg decigram 101 g dag decagram 10-2 g cg centigram 102 g hg hectogram 10-3 g mg milligram 103 g kg kilogram 10-6 g µg microgram (mcg) 106 g Mg megagram (ton) 10-9 g ng nanogram 109 g Days gigagram 10-12 g pg picogram 1012 g Tg thermogram 10-15 g fg femtogram 1015 g Pg petagram 10-18 g ag actgram 1018 g Eg exagram 10-21 g zg zeptogram 1021 g Zg zectagram 10-24 g yg yoctogram 1024 g Yg yoctagram Where: 10n = 1 followed by n zeros and 10-n = 1 preceded by n zeros (also counting the one preceding the comma)
Example: 107 = 10,000,000 10-5 = 0.00005 1 LB = 453.59 g - 1 OZ = 28.35 g - 1 CARAT = 0.2 g - 1 WHEAT = 0.065 g
1 STONE = 6350 g - 1 DRAM == 1,772 g

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