Slimming tablets with green tea, yeast and bitter orange

Proper nutrition

Slimming tablets, like all herbal formulations that support low-calorie diets, represent a category of products in great demand in herbalists, especially to numb the feelings of guilt deriving from a period of unrestrained feasting.

Also in this case, it should be pointed out that the "intake of slimming tablets should be associated with a" healthy, balanced and correct diet, combined with sport and the habit of drinking a lot of water, which not only helps eliminate waste. from the body, but also favors the action of the slimming product.

Example of slimming tablets

Particular is the composition of slimming tablets with green tea, chromium yeast and bitter orange:

  • Green tea - extract - (Camelia sinensis): it is characterized by gallo-catechinic tannins and xanthine alkaloids. The first constituents exert an antioxidant function: it is a very important action in a product of this type, since in people who follow a low-calorie diet, ketone molecules can develop following, in fact, periods of fasting. The antioxidant action of tea plays a fundamental role in countering molecules of this type. On the other hand, the xanthine alkaloids, thanks to their sympathetic-mimetic action, give a boost of energy to the metabolism, helping the subject to burn more calories.
  • Chromium yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae): it is a yeast known as “brewer's yeast”, a biotechnological product derived from the processing of beer; represents a typical product of bread making. In this case we speak of "chromium yeast" because the soil on which the microorganism grew was enriched with chromium. The presence of a yeast in a slimming product should not be surprising: in fact, yeast is a source of B vitamins: in a diet, the risk of having a vitamin deficiency is substantial.Furthermore, yeast exerts a hypoglycemic action: chromium is a cofactor of insulin and for this reason it is suitable for diabetics.
  • Bitter orange (Citrus aurantium var. amara): it is considered an anxiolytic-sedative drug (essential oil); the peel of bitter orange is found in many slimming compositions, thanks to the presence of synephrine, a nitrogenous molecule with a sympathetic-mimetic action. Synephrine is important for thyroid and lipid metabolism: similarly to caffeine and xanthine alkaloids present in tea and coffee, carries out its slimming action by helping the body to exploit excess fat for energy purposes.

Side effects

The slimming tablets formulated with yeast, green tea and bitter orange, are an excellent and well formulated product, because the number of drugs used is low and each of them has a particular function.
Despite this, a slimming product of this type, like all supplements, could have some unpleasant side effects: in fact, drugs that act on the thyroid and liver (therefore on lipid metabolism), could create interactions with this type of slimming tablet. Again, hypertensive people and heart patients should not take tablets of this type, due to the potential hypertensive effects of synephrine. The intake of anti-inflammatory drugs such as salicylates, if it were concomitant with the ingestion of such slimming tablets, could increase the risk of gastric irritation.

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