Pandemic Posture: What it is, Consequences and How to Correct It

, nationally and internationally. One of the more recent terms we have heard coined this year is Pandemic Posture.

Due to the increase in people who found themselves working from home, the place that was usually occupied in the office has been moved to the desk at home. Often, instead of an ergonomic and specially designed workstation, they have been used as a workstation from work, the kitchen table, the coffee table in front of the sofa, or even the children's playroom. Bad posture is not only harmful in the moment, with the onset of pain and cramps, but can also have long-term consequences Poor posture can cause mild irritation or pain that can escalate into serious long-term injury if left untreated.

, not only occurs at the end of the day with pain or discomfort in the lumbar or cervical area, but reduces the amount of air in the lungs by up to 30%. Bad posture doesn't just hurt your neck and back; it causes various ailments that can be easily prevented with attention, correction of the way you sit and stand in front of the computer, and a visit to the chiropractic specialist.

Posture does not discriminate on the basis of age. It has more to do with changes in one's environment, such as working from a laptop on the sofa or working from the bed, which can be comfortable and relieve the momentary discomfort of sitting at a desk.

; pain in the jaw; breathing problems, dizziness; nausea and hormonal imbalance.

Back pain from smartworking

A sedentary job that forces you to remain seated at your desk for prolonged periods, if also associated with poor posture, becomes more of a cause of back pain. A pain that is usually localized in the lumbar area or in the middle of the back, and is of strong intensity, even very acute.

Regardless of the type of work, however, prolonged incorrect posture can cause a series of painful symptoms, especially in the neck, shoulders and various parts of the back such as lumbosciatica, lumbago and back pain, which also characterize the disorder. better known as "office back pain". Not only that, every postural error can also cause different types of inflammation, contractures, tendonitis and painful symptoms even in the wrists, thumb, elbows, knees, ankles (which tend to swell if you do not rest your feet on a special rise. , placed under the desk) and other parts of the body.

To counteract back pain and train the core better plank or crunch?

and blood circulation. The practice of yoga and pilates is also particularly suitable for preventing and treating muscle soreness.

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