Dark Circles: What are Dark Circles?

What are dark circles

Dark circles, bags, squid: all synonyms that lead back to a physiological condition that presents itself with a "dark bluish-purple shading under the eyes, often also characterized by swelling in the subocular area itself.

Dark circles cannot be considered a real medical problem, but a rather widespread cosmetic concern.
Many subjects suffering from this problem therefore seek treatments to eliminate dark circles, using the wide range of cosmetic products offered on the market.
Although this is a very felt condition, especially from the female world, what seems strange is that so few scientific articles have been published about it, probably because that of dark circles is seen "only" as an aesthetic problem.


The problem of dark circles affects individuals of all ages and affects both sexes: it is therefore not a problem that creates morbidity, but it can certainly affect the quality of life.

Aesthetic damage

Among all the effects caused by the natural physiological processes of aging, dark circles in particular afflict a "large slice of the population, because they are considered a real" appearance misunderstanding ", which makes the person's appearance particularly sad and fatigued. .
Unfortunately, the condition worsens with sagging skin and abnormal lipid deposits appearing in old age, so trying to mask the shading becomes almost a must for those people who always want to look their best.


The causes underlying the onset of dark circles can be different. In many cases, in fact, these annoying imperfections are caused by a multiplicity of factors and a series of contributing causes, such as, for example, microcirculation disorders, skin aging and aggression by atmospheric agents (in this regard, for more detailed information we recommend reading the "dedicated article" Dark Circles Causes: Why Do They Appear? ").
Furthermore, it has been noted that dark circles represent a typical condition of several members of the same family: this suggests that the appearance of this imperfection is linked to a certain genetic predisposition.
Finally, it is good to remember that the formation or accentuation of dark circles can be favored by a long series of factors and bad habits: for example, it has been shown that the worsening of dark circles peaks in the morning or after a salty meal. which appear with a more evident purplish color and with poorly defined contours.


As mentioned, the aesthetic damage induced by dark circles is strongly felt and, for this reason, the people who suffer from it are constantly looking for the ideal treatment to defeat it definitively.

However, before resorting to any type of product or treatment, it is of fundamental importance to identify the real cause that led to the onset of the problem, perhaps with the help of a doctor. Only by determining the actual triggering cause, in fact, will it be possible to undertake the treatment that best suits each case (for more information, please refer to the dedicated articles already on this site: "Dark circles" - "Dark circles: natural remedies "-" Treatment with Lightening Substances for Dark Circles ").

Natural remedies against dark circles "

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