Brimonidine in eye drops and gel: what is it for?

used in the treatment of various ailments.

Shutterstock Brimonidine - Chemical Structure

In fact, it is an alpha-adrenergic receptor agonist that is used in both ophthalmology and dermatology. In the first case, it is used in the treatment of high eye pressure (eye drops); in the second area, however, it is used to treat redness caused by rosacea (dermatological gel).

The brimonidine-based medicines used for the treatment of glaucoma can be dispensed in pharmacies upon presentation of a repeatable medical prescription; however, since they are classified as class A drugs, their cost can be reimbursed by the National Health System (NHS), partially or totally, as the case may be. In fact, sometimes it may be necessary to pay a small ticket.

Medicines based on brimonidine in the form of dermatological gel, on the other hand, can be sold on presentation of a repeatable medical prescription, but their cost cannot be reimbursed by the NHS (they are classified as class C drugs).

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