Sugaring: Hair removal with sugar

with the help of an adhesive mixture made up of sugar, water and lemon.


In terms of execution, sugaring is similar to hot waxing: the sugar paste acts as a wax and manages to capture even the shortest hairs with the difference that the tear seems to be less traumatic for the skin. Furthermore, the lower temperature of the sugar paste - warm and comparable to that of the body - also respects the parts where there are fragile capillaries or delicate regions, such as the bikini area. At the same time, sugaring eliminates dirt and skin cells that prevent hair from growing back normally, minimizing the problem of ingrown hair and folliculitis.

at the level of the epidermis). In the deepest part, the follicle swells to form the hair bulb, which in turn contains the dermal papilla; this last structure is made up of a group of actively proliferating cells that give rise to the hair (matrix).
  • The hair is not produced continuously by the follicle, but follows a life cycle in which periods of activity alternate with those of rest: anagen (growth), catagen (transition) and telogen (rest).
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