Cellulite: Definition and Key Points

, cellulite is a disorder that affects the subcutaneous adipose tissue (panniculus adipose).


Cellulite can affect both women and men, although it tends to affect women more. The areas affected by cellulite are characterized by the presence of "holes and depressions" which give the so-called "orange peel" appearance.

Depending on the severity, it is possible to distinguish different stages of this disorder, numbered from 1 to 4: stage 1 represents the least severe and reversible picture, while stage 4 represents the fourth most severe and irreversible.

For further information: Cellulite: Origins and Causes of Appearance ;
  • Vascular alteration;
  • Presence of some types of diseases;
  • Overweight and obesity;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Incorrect feeding;
  • Stress;
  • Pregnancy.
  • To learn more, read also: Cellulite: Causes of Origin and Evolution , from regular physical exercise and from the abandonment / limitation of bad habits (for example, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, etc.).

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    In addition to diet and physical activity, it is also possible to resort to the use of cosmetics to be applied on the affected areas (for example, anti-cellulite creams, anti-cellulite muds, etc.) and various types of treatments (from massages, up to real treatments aesthetic and medical).

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