Caffeine against bags and dark circles


The use of caffeine against bags and dark circles is spreading more and more thanks to the particular properties of which this substance is endowed.
More specifically, to combat these imperfections, it is used for topical use, in fact, it can be found inside many products for the eye contour.

What is Caffeine

Caffeine is a purine-based alkaloid contained in various plants, such as coffee, cocoa, tea, guarana, cola and maté.
Always known for its stimulating activity on the nervous system and for its vasoconstrictive activity, caffeine is used both in the pharmacological field (for internal use) and in the cosmetic field (for external use). In the latter case, however, caffeine is not used for its exciting properties, but for its ability to promote lipolysis and for its anti-edema action.

Mechanism of action

The rationale for using caffeine against bags and dark circles lies in its ability to drain serous accumulations, allowing rapid elimination of fluid stasis by stimulating their drainage (anti-edema action).
Furthermore, as mentioned, caffeine is capable of stimulating the mobilization of fatty acids in the hypodermis. More in detail, it favors the increase of cyclic AMP inside the adipocytes with consequent activation of the lipolytic lipase and promotion of lipid catabolism.
However, this particular activity could make the use of caffeine contraindicated in the presence of "dry" dark circles, dug by more or less deep furrows (wrinkles).
In addition to this, caffeine is also a decent sunscreen and can help protect the very fine capillaries of the delicate eye contour area from damage caused by excessive exposure to UV rays.
If taken orally, caffeine equally produces a stimulating effect on diuresis and lipolysis, even if general rather than targeted. To enhance the draining effect, particularly useful in the presence of bags and swelling, it should be taken in the form of foods such as black tea (antioxidants + draining effect of the infusion and caffeine). On the other hand, the excessive and chronic use of coffee should be avoided, as the excess of systemic caffeine in the long run would increase the body's state of fatigue, making bags and dark circles more evident.


The transdermal absorption of the caffeine present in creams against bags and dark circles is not sufficient to induce systemic effects; it is therefore a safe ingredient even for subjects particularly sensitive to its action. Therefore, the use of this molecule topically , in general, it has no contraindications, except in the case of any allergies.

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