Rice crackers

What are?

Rice cakes (in English puffed rice cake) are food products characterized by a circular and thin shape, with an extremely low weight. They are produced starting from a mixture of puffed rice and food glue, modeled and then dried.
NB. Puffed rice for biscuits is made by heating the seeds of the cereal with steam and in high pressure environments, although the method may differ according to the specific product.
The American rice cake (the one widespread also in Italy) is round, with a diameter of about 4-5 inches. Some manufacturers make tiny ones, suitable as snacks.
In the most common commercial format, a rice cake weighs about 10g, contains 8g of carbohydrates and provides about 30-40kcal; rice cakes can also be brown rice, while on the market there is no shortage of cakes prepared from the seeds of other cereals, such as corn.

Use in the power supply

Extremely popular in North America and other Western countries, rice cakes are eaten as a substitute for bread, both at main and secondary meals.
Rice cakes are widely used in children's diets and in slimming diets, as they are considered less energetic than any other derivative of cereals. In reality, this is a fairly incorrect perception and in the next article we will understand why.
Rice cakes represent a valid alternative to rusks, crackers, french fries or other snacks in bags, wasa bread and wor bar (see below); they are often used to make sandwiches and are generally considered a "healthy" food.
Some rice cakes are flavored; abroad, the most common flavors are: white cheddar cheese, butter popcorn, chocolate, honey, caramel corn and cinnamon apple.

Rice Cake

Rice cakes as we know them are one of the various products that fall into the category of rice cakes. These can be obtained from a moldable dough based on flour, ground or whole grains, but not necessarily "blown"; on the contrary, most of the traditional rice cakes are real rice balls which are generally steamed.
There are many types of rice cakes, they fall into many food cultures and are widespread mainly in Asia (China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam).

Wor Bar: the First Rice Cakes

The Wor Bars (Guoba in Mandarin language, translated "pot" s burnt ") are nothing more than parts of rice that remain attached to the bottom of the clay pots during cooking. After caramelization, the grains aggregate into a single piece and they acquire a light charred flavor They can be served with tea, or as part of a main meal accompanying meat sauces.
In Italy, a similar (rather ancient) food is polenta which remains attached to the cauldron.

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