E233 - Thiabendazole

Thiabendazole is a synthetic fungicidal, pesticide and anti-mold preservative, sprayed on the surface of some types of fruit, especially citrus fruits and bananas, to allow them to be stored for prolonged times. Furthermore, thiabendazole can be a component of the aqueous solutions in which the fruits are immersed.
It is important to underline one aspect: it is true that "tropical fruit" is highly appreciated and loved by the world of consumers, but we must not underestimate the fact that it is subjected, more than any other fruit, to treatments with additives to guarantee its shelf life. life (having to make very long trips). “Traditional” bananas and not organic ones, in particular, are treated with thiabendazole before being shipped.
Thiabendazole is hydrolyzed in the liver and eliminated by the kidneys. At the concentrations admitted daily, it seems to have no toxic side effects for human health.
ADI DOSE: 0.1-0.3 mg per kg of body weight.

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