Meditation Against Stress and Negative Thoughts - The Waterfall

Tiziana Santi guides us in a meditation with a very special visualization: "the waterfall". You can do this meditation whenever you feel the need to let go, it can be of great support.

Before starting the practice, however, "let's check the posture:

  1. Sitting cross-legged, on a pillow or blanket. So try to "lift" from the ground, using more "supports one on top of the other". Stretch your spine up, chin slightly towards your breastbone and place your hands on your thighs. Your feet may be closer or closer to your groin depending on how comfortable you feel.
  2. If you are having a hard time sitting on the ground, you might want to try using a chair. But sit "on the edge, so you stay" active "and not" collapse "on the back. Another option could be to put a thin folded blanket, between your back and the back. The back is" stretched up ", the chin slightly towards the breastbone, hands on thighs, legs do not cross and feet firmly rooted to the ground
: it happens to everyone. What really distinguishes the beginner from the more "experienced meditator" is the "ability" to know how to return to the present moment.

So, when you realize that you are thinking of something else, try to bring your attention back to the breath and my voice. With practice, you will learn that even this thing can be "trained and it will be" easier and more natural for you to regain focus.

Close your eyes and start imagining a wonderful waterfall, whose water has the power to "clean" from any thoughts, worries or anything you feel like a burden.

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