Basics of Functional Training for Beginners

This is the second in a series of videos in which we will build functional training together from A to Z. The videos are aimed at all those who want to start and have never trained with a functional circuit, for those who are already trained instead it can be the opportunity to get some more information and the tools to customize their workout.

Today the basics of training,

each growth path includes steps, with today's training we will lay the foundations for the other exercises that we will perform in the following videos, in the video you will find 4 circuits but if you want to push a little more you can perform 5 or 6.
I recommend that you warm up before training.

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  • final version circuit
  • general explanation
  • mountain climber explanation
  • table-top / bridge explanation
  • sit-up explanation
  • lunge explanation
  • circuit explanation
  • circuit 1
  • circuit 2
  • circuit 3
  • circuit 4

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