Fast Coconut Cream

Filling and decorating cakes is always fun: custard, ganache and chantilly are undoubtedly the best known and most used! But if you want to change flavor and are looking for a different cream, I can suggest a fresh and light idea based on fresh ricotta and coconut. Let's see what it is!

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Identity Card of the Recipe

  • 189 KCal Calories per serving
  • Ingrediants

    • 30 g of coconut flour
    • 40 ml of water
    • 250 g of fresh ricotta
    • 100 g of fresh cream
    • 40 g of honey
    • Optional: a few drops of vanilla essence

    Materials Needed

    • Electric whips
    • Bowl
    • Glass blender
    • Spoons or scoop


    1. Pour the fresh cream into a bowl and whip it until stiff with an electric whisk.

    The advice ok
    To facilitate whipping, we recommend leaving the cream in the freezer for at least 10 minutes. The whips should also be cold: this way, the cream will whip up faster.

    1. Collect the coconut flour in the container of a glass blender, then add the water, fresh ricotta and honey. To taste, add a few drops of vanilla essence. Blend the mixture until you obtain a velvety cream.
    2. Slowly mix the coconut cream with the cream to avoid letting the mixture go limp.
    3. Leave the cream in the fridge for at least an hour before using it. The coconut cream is fantastic for filling or coating desserts, but it is also suitable for the preparation of mousses and spoon desserts. It can be served with a sprinkling of unsweetened cocoa powder , but it is also delicious with pineapple or banana pieces.

    The vegan alternative
    To veganize this recipe, we recommend replacing fresh ricotta with soy ricotta, fresh cream with vegetable cream or avocado cream, and honey with maple syrup or agave syrup.

    Alice's comment - PersonalCooker

    Fresh and light, the coconut cream is ideal for filling and covering cakes! To embellish the cream, I recommend adding pieces of fresh pineapple, strawberries or blueberry jam! It can be kept in the fridge for 3-4 days: I do not recommend freezing.
    Try this cream to cover a cake: click HERE for the recipe!

    Nutritional values ​​and Health Comment on the recipe

    The Fast Coconut Cream is a food that could be inserted among the desserts.
    It has a moderate energy intake and is provided above all by lipids, followed by carbohydrates and finally by proteins.
    Fatty acids are mainly saturated, simple carbohydrates and peptides of high biological value.
    Cholesterol is present but not excessive and the fibers are in average quantity.
    The Fast Coconut Cream is not suitable for the diet due to overweight and metabolic diseases, in particular: type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertriglyceridemia and hypercholesterolemia.
    It is contraindicated for lactose intolerance but not for celiac disease. It meets the criteria of the vegetarian diet (as long as the cheeses are made with vegetable rennet) but not the vegan one.
    The average portion is around 30-50g (55-95kcal).
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