Vegan Smiles - Light Without Eggs

Think of something that puts you in a good mood: surely a smile will be drawing on your face. This is precisely my intention: to make your face shine with something so good that it will put a smile on your face. And it is no coincidence that the recipe of the day bears the name of Sorrisi al Forno! I propose them in the 100% vegan version.

Identity Card of the Recipe

  • 181 KCal Calories per serving
  • Ingrediants

    For pasta

    • 1 pinch of salt
    • 20 ml of extra virgin olive oil
    • 40 g of cornstarch
    • 80 g of wholemeal flour
    • 1 grated nutmeg
    • 200 ml of soy milk

    For coverage

    • 1 teaspoon of sweet paprika
    • Q.b. of pepper
    • Q.b. of salt
    • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
    • 100 ml of soy milk
    • 100 g of yellow corn flour

    For the stuffing

    • 120 g of tofu
    • 50 g of green olives
    • 20 g of sauce or tomato sauce
    • Q.b. of salt
    • Q.b. of pepper

    Materials Needed

    • Rolling pin
    • Casserole
    • Scale weighs food
    • Fork
    • Bowls of various sizes
    • Baking paper
    • Coppapasta with a diameter of 12 cm


    1. In a saucepan, pour the soy drink, the extra virgin olive oil, the nutmeg and the salt: bring to the boil.
    2. Remove the pan from the heat and pour the wholemeal flour mixed with the cornstarch, in one go. Stir vigorously to avoid lumps: a compact ball will form. Move the saucepan over the heat again and stir until a noticeable film forms on the bottom of the saucepan (this takes a few minutes).

    Did you know that
    The recipe for classic smiles involves using butter, white flour and cow's milk; in this recipe, we have replaced these ingredients with oil, whole wheat flour and cornstarch, and soy drink. Other types of vegetable drink can be used.

    1. At this point, pour the mixture into a bowl, wrap with cling film and let it cool at room temperature for 10 minutes (to speed up the process, you can let the mixture rest in the refrigerator).
    2. Shape the dough with your hands and spread it between two sheets of baking paper, using a rolling pin: you will have to obtain a fairly thin sheet. If necessary, sprinkle the dough with a little flour to facilitate drafting.
    3. With a round cookie cutter with a diameter of 12 cm, cut out many discs, taking care to wet the mold with a little water before cutting the dough. The scraps can be easily kneaded and made new discs.
    4. Prepare the filling: blend the tofu and mix it with salt, pepper and olives cut into rounds.
    5. Stuff each disc with a teaspoon of olive mixture, adding tomato sauce to taste. Close each disc in half, to form half-moons (smiles). Seal the edges of each crescent by exerting light pressure with the tines of a fork.

    Some alternative ideas
    As an alternative to tofu and olive cream, smiles can be filled with vegetable béchamel, spinach and soy ricotta, mushrooms and vegetable ragout.

    1. At this point, proceed with a very simple breading. Dip each smile into the soy drink, previously salted and flavored with paprika and pepper. Then pass in the corn flour type fioretto: repeat the breading by dipping in soy milk and sprinkling with polenta flour.
    2. Arrange the breaded smiles on the baking tray, drizzle with a little oil, add a pinch of salt and bake at 180 ° C for 15 minutes, or until golden brown.
    3. For a more delicious version, they can be fried in oil.
    4. Serve the smiles with a fresh salad or with a side of sautéed mushrooms.

    Alice's comment - PersonalCooker

    Baked smiles are very light: a second dish that will put a smile on even the most sulky faces! I'll tell you a secret: try them also desserts, perhaps filled with homemade jam or vegan hazelnut cream!

    Nutritional values ​​and Health Comment on the recipe

    Vegan smiles are foods that belong to the group of appetizers.
    They have a significant energy content, mainly provided by carbohydrates, followed by lipids and finally proteins.
    Carbohydrates are mainly complex, polyunsaturated (monounsaturated) fatty acids and peptides with medium-high biological value (thanks to the combination of the proteins of tofu - soy - and those of whole wheat flour).
    The fiber intake is quite high and cholesterol is absent.
    They do not contain lactose but gluten and, albeit in limited concentration, histamine are present.
    That of Light Smiles Without Eggs is a recipe that lends itself to most diets. It has no negative implications in dietary therapy against overweight and metabolic pathologies, as long as the portions are adequate.
    It should be avoided in case of celiac disease and severe histamine intolerance.
    On the other hand, it has no contraindications for gluten intolerance.
    It is suitable for vegetarian and also vegan philosophy.
    The average portion of Vegan Smiles is 100-150 g (about 180-270 kcal).
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