Panelle in the Oven

Ever heard of Panelle? Although I am sure many of you are familiar with this fantastic food, I will briefly explain what it is. Panelle are a product considered a typical "street food" of Sicily - of Palermo to be precise - which is prepared by making a sort of chickpea polenta, which is then cut into pieces and fried. As a health-conscious person, I suggest the baked version, equally delicious. Discover it with me.

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Identity Card of the Recipe

  • 113 KCal Calories per serving
  • Ingrediants

    For about 16 panelle

    • 200 g of chickpea flour
    • 600 ml of water
    • 5 g of salt
    • Q.b. of pepper
    • 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
    • 1 sprig of parsley

    Materials Needed

    • Bowl
    • Casserole
    • Whip
    • Baking paper
    • Brush
    • Scale weighs food
    • Round mold with a diameter of 8 cm
    • Rolling pin


    1. Sift the chickpea flour and collect it in a saucepan. Add the cold water and a tablespoon of oil slowly, continuing to mix until a liquid mixture is obtained. Add salt and pepper, then bring to the fire, stirring constantly.
    2. When the mixture begins to boil, small lumps will form: this phase is delicate and the mass must be mixed to obtain a velvety consistency that is very reminiscent of soft polenta. Cook everything for five minutes.

    Did you know that
    Some versions of baked panelle provide for cooking the batter (liquid and raw) directly in the oven, avoiding cooking on the fire. In this case, the batter - still liquid - must be poured directly into the single-portion molds or into a larger pan, obtaining a sort of farinata.

    1. Spread a sheet of baking paper on the work surface, then prepare a bowl with water.
    2. When the chickpea "polenta" is ready, turn off the heat and flavor with fresh parsley. Quickly pour the thick mixture onto the sheet of baking paper, flattening the surface with a long-bladed knife, previously moistened. Roll out the dough until you get a thickness of 1-1.5 cm. To facilitate this phase, it is advisable to place a sheet of baking paper on top of the mixture, then level it with a rolling pin.
    3. Using a round mold with a diameter of your choice (8 cm), cut the dough to obtain the molds. Alternatively, you can cut the dough into diamonds or squares, simply using a knife. Place the panelle on a plate lined with baking paper.

    Did you know that
    The cuttings cannot be kneaded yet, but it is still possible to cook them and consume them as an aperitif.
    Those who wish can immediately fry the panelle by immersing them in boiling oil.

    1. Brush the panelle with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and bake in the oven at 180 ° C (ventilated) for 15-20 minutes.
    2. Remove from the oven and consume the very hot panelle or, as a tradition, use them to stuff the mafalde.

    Alice's comment - PersonalCooker

    Traditionally, Panelle are served as a filling for special sandwiches (called mafalde), covered with sesame seeds. However, we can also appreciate them in this way, plain, as an aperitif or we can dare and combine them with other foods (eg cured meats, for those who love meat) and sauces (eg yogurt and lemon sauce).

    Nutritional values ​​and Health Comment on the recipe

    That of Panelle al Forno is a recipe that could be included among the bread substitutes.
    They have a low energy intake, mainly provided by carbohydrates, followed by lipids and finally by proteins.
    Carbohydrates tend to be complex, monounsaturated fatty acids and peptides of medium biological value.
    Cholesterol is absent while fiber is high.
    Panelle al Forno can also be included in the diet against overweight and for metabolic diseases, as long as the portion is adequate.
    It is advisable to limit its consumption especially in case of type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertriglyceridemia.
    They have no contraindications for lactose and gluten intolerance.
    They are relevant in vegetarian and vegan diets.
    The average portion (as a substitute for bread) varies according to the composition of the diet; it could fluctuate between 25 and 75g of panelle (30-85kcal).
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